Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Social Media Volunteers Rock!!!!!

This year we are very lucky because we have two Volunteers that are doing an “Amazing,” job in keeping our Foundation’s social media pages current and they are:

Alexis Gonzalez does an “Awesome” job on keeping our Twitter Page Current.  Alex is 19 and she is  married to an active duty soldier since July 2015. She is also  in the National Guard, and will be graduating with her BA Degree in 2018.  Her favorite color is grey and she loves to travel! Thank you so much for doing an “Outstanding” job!

Teddy Neby is the person responsible for keeping our Blogs up to date and providing job information on our Youttube News Blog.  Teddy is a senior at T.C. Williams High School, where he runs track and plays soccer. After high school he plans on attending a four year college and study Computer Engineering. Thank you so much for Teddy for all of the support that you give to our Blogs… YOU ROCK!!!!!